S5: An Introduction

Eric A. Meyer

Complex Spiral Consulting

What Is S5?

  • It's a Simple Standards-based Slide Show System
  • One XHTML document provides all of the slide show's content
  • CSS handles the layout and look of the slides
  • JavaScript handles the dynamic aspects of the show
  • That's all there is to it!

Operatic Origins

  • Opera 4 introduced Opera Show, a projection-mode style sheet technology
  • Allows a single XHTML document to be turned into a PowerPoint-like slide show
  • Adding screen and print style sheets allows for multi-medium views of a single document
  • Highly efficient, but highly browser centric...

Expanding The Field

  • When Opera 7.5 for OS X came out, the banner ads persisted in projection mode
  • Tantek Çelik created a JavaScript-driven slide show technique that worked on multiple browsers
    • Unfortunately, it required each slide to be ID'ed ahead of time, making additions and rearrangement difficult
    • Navigation was only linear; no way to jump to an arbitrary slide
    • There was also no facility to "switch off" the slide show styles short of killing all CSS
  • Motive and opportunity combined to point the way...

Where We Are Now

  • S5 builds on Tantek's scripts and ideas, with input and ideas from several other people
  • Each slide is enclosed in a classed element; IDs are dynamically assigned via JavaScript
  • Navigation menu is automatically built at run time
  • The S5 format is compatible with Opera Show Format 1.0, making it easy to move slides between the two formats as needed
  • S5 can also run slide shows based on XOXO

How It Works

  • Controls are...
    • Next slide: Space bar, return, right arrow, down arrow, page down, click anywhere in slide that isn't in the control area (lower right corner), click "arrow" in lower right corner, accesskey "X"
    • Previous slide: Up arrow, left arrow, page up, click "arrow" in lower right corner, accesskey "Z"
    • Toggle the slide styles: Click on the toggle button (to the left of the arrows), press "t", accesskey "T"
    ...plus more!
  • To invoke the navigation menu: mouse into the lower right corner of the slide (below the navigation arrows)

The Advantages

  • With one file, you get a slide show, a printable outline, and a screen presentation
  • Files are incredibly lightweight and compress easily
  • Thanks to being semantic XHTML, slideshow files are also highly accessible
  • New slide themes can be created simply by writing new style sheets
  • Unlike Opera Show, which has all of the above advantages, S5 works in multiple browsers

S5 Default File Structure

S5 Themes

(just a sampling)

Features New to 1.1

  • Incremental display of slide content
  • Font scaling based on window size
  • Support for PNG alpha channels in all supporting browsers, including IE/Win
  • Ability to jump to any slide, or skip a number of slides, via keyboard commands

Incremental Animation

  • A demonstration of just one of the many ways to accomplish simple animation-like effects (using a diagram from "XFN and...")

Current Limitations

  • Only one author can be listed in the metadata
  • Opera falls back to use OperaShow; thus no extras (like the navigation menu or progress indication) are available
  • Images are not scaled along with the text when the window size changes

Open To The Public

  • S5 1.1 is released under an explicit Public Domain license
  • Contributors to S5 must be willing to accept those terms
    • In other words: if you submit a contribution, you are agreeing to abide by and place your contributions into the Public Domain along with S5
    • On the other hand, anyone can freely use S5 for their own presentations or modify S5 to suit their needs

In Summary

  • With minimal scripting, we have recreated and improved upon a (currently) browser-specific technology, making it cross-browser in the process
  • New themes are just a matter of writing a new style sheet
  • The S5 format is OSF 1.0 and XOXO compatible
  • S5 is a very flexible and lightweight slide show system available for anyone to use


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